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After struggling with this for some time, I have come to the conclusion that Aventus is indeed a wonderful fragrance. It is used at just the precise amount to counter the woody smoke base - any more and it would be too sweet and fruity, any less and it would disappear, leaving a standard men's cologne. He actually has a point, its a simple pineapple-smoke combo which simply and obviously is not everyones cup of tea. Enjoy it but you are not gonna insult people based on their opinions about an effing scent.The master of all fragrance, then again dior homme is every bit just as good!I know a certain someone who gets literally dozens of the 17 oz flacons for re-sale. From "where have you been all my life masterpiece" to "Oh, is that Creed Adventis? This has become the most cliché, compensation tool for not being a foot taller, date rape drug of choice for the sex deprived nerd who was lucky enough to discover it.Their connections are none of my business but can the constant price increases of Aventus be Creed’s way of compensating for losses caused by these larger flacons going missing when en route to America’s retail stores such as Saks and Neiman? If you discovered this through Jeremy Fragrance I'm talking about you.

Creed is popular bot only among those who are really into colognes.I have tried and tested over 400 niche and designer frags and find it hard to find anything that smells Just good!!dior homme lasts longer but aventus does accumulate more compliments if that's what your looking for. there is differences, nobody who knows fragrance can disagree with that BUT the differences are little, some smell strong vanilla and some smell smokey.Everyone is entitled to their own opinion including Genny but it’s starting to get very annoy Ing seeing her name pop up two minutes after someone gives there own entitled review constantly. There are elements about it that I like and elements that I dislike.Ultimately the dislikes about it outweigh the pros and the more I smell this batch the more I want to lock it up and let it collect dust.

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