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She expected the men to be interested in girls who were skinny, blonde, and white—“sorority Barbies.” “That’s just not me,” she said.

And yet, Sarah got a lot of attention on Seeking Arrangement.

At 11 o’clock on a Tuesday night, Amanda, a senior at Princeton University, got her first text message from Stephen, a 60-something Wall Street banker. Immediately.“I told him it was too late—the trains just stopped running,” Amanda said.

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She said tons of girls at Columbia and NYU had profiles to help pay tuition bills.They want someone to come along on business trips, go to company events, and meet their friends—someone who understands and appears interested in what they have to say.Most importantly, they want someone who will help them pretend that the relationship is not a transaction.After dinner at a fancy restaurant, sex, and some post-sex apartment decorating, Amanda was back in the limo.When she got back to Princeton, she had just enough time to change her clothes, grab her books, and run to class.

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