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They play significant influence in all facets of Armenian life.Various Armenian armed organizations, such as ASALA, JCAG and ARA became active in Lebanon, and used it as a launching pad for their operations.Traditional classical music is performed at various centers in Bangalore throughout the year.Bangalore is also a destination for every rock band visiting the country.

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There are three prominent Armenian political parties in Lebanon: the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Tashnag), Social Democrat Hunchakian Party (Hunchag) and Armenian Democratic Liberal Party (Ramgavar Party).One of the private golf courses is just 15 minutes drive from the airport.Use the interactive map below for some of the prominent courses.Put forth by the Armenian bloc of the Lebanese Parliament, the legislature unanimously approved on 4 April 1997 a resolution, calling for the commemoration of the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Turkish government. Historically most Armenians have lived in Beirut and Matn District.From Beirut proper we can mention grander Ashrafieh: Hadjen (Corniche Nahr), Khalil Badawi, Karm el Zeytoun (Հայաշէն), Rmeil, Jmmeyze, Soursok, and Jeitawi.

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