Expect dating medical resident

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I am not ok with how hard our long distance has been, and I am hoping that some face to face time will improve our outlook.I'm learning that if our relationship was meant to be, then he will give as much as he can and I will too and it will be enough. I became increasingly hopeless that our connection could survive long-term.They tend to happen later in the academic year, during the winter months, when interns have shed their fear and become more confident.They tire of asking for help, not wanting to appear "weak" in the eyes of their seniors.(IVs and such "central lines" are removed before patients are discharged from the hospital, except in select cases.) Cavalierly, without noting that the patient was on blood thinners, she yanked out the line without proper precautions in place, precipitating a gusher of blood that transformed the patient's room into a sanguinous pond.The patient was rushed to the operating room and ultimately survived.

They've been talked at for hours upon hours about residency and hospital policies, the importance of remembering to sleep, and how not to accidentally stick themselves with needles.I'm currently dating a med student and I find is absolutely hard to understand how busy he is.She's been through years of rejection from med schools around the country so you not being ready for a relationship right now is unlikely to send her in a tailspin.We communicate everyday and we have both expressed that we are not dating anyone else, but yet he won't commit to a relationship. She still parties like a college freshman who's never had booze before. If time was water, we were living in a desert of residency. The field is damn competitive, and every spot for residency is coveted.I just feel like curling up in his arms and crying, but there is nobody medical student resident dating to curl up into. I found myself frequently journaling in the glow of my laptop as he slumbered next to me in bed. I don't think I could or would involve someone else in this crazy busy life right now -- especially when I'm thinking of moving across the country in two years. I would much rather hang out than study but I also need to pass my classes, so school always becomes my first priority.

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