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All you need to do is pull up on the handle and the entire stove pops open.The legs splay out and unfold perfectly, locking themselves in place a making the stove nice and stable.After doing some research, I set my sights on the Volcano II Collapsible Stove and purchased one directly from Emergency Essentials. The whole thing fits nicely in an included pouch that appears to be very sturdy and although this is a heavy sucker, it is completely transportable.It arrived in three days even though I ordered the standard shipping. But alas, with other obligations, I did have have a chance to use it until this week. Plus, it burns both charcoal and wood – very handy, indeed.They get very frustrated when they realise that the healing process can sometimes take up to 8 weeks!Not happy bunnies, so I use my trained techniques and skills to calm them down and put them at ease.

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The practical solution was to find something portable that could burn charcoal briquettes or, in a pinch, kindling, twigs or other pieces of wood found out and around the wilderness. It measures about 5” high and 13” across in its collapsed state.Back into the bag it went – snugged down and ready for the next time.Or, if need be, ready to grab and go if an evacuation were required.After the coals burned out, all I had to do (well actually, Survival Husband did the cleanup) is turn the stove over, dump the ashes then wipe out the residual ash with a paper towel.As I mentioned above, we then collapsed the stove by pushing it up from the bottom.

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